9/18/2009 02:35:00 PM

Crying In The Rain

I remember how you bloom
crazy love litted my gloom
How my life just like an empty room
Silent as the moon

I keep staring at the night
Figuring what's wrong what's right
And if I have you by my side
Then I'll be alright

A few more drops of sand
And after this last devil's bend
No more strength left to stabd
To take the pain

I'm no fool to be crying in the rain
Crying in the rain
I'm no fool to playing to your game
Playing to your game
To your game

Hope you'll try to understand
I'm no shadow of your man
Just your hired hand when your caught in the jam
Bleeding this old soul again and again

Please no more promises
Can fool me with your tears
Nothing left for me to feel
Sweet roses